Making progress?

Surprise! This entry will be written in English. Partly because friends from other countries can't read anything on my blog and partly since I sort of felt like practising my writing skills. Which also gives me the chance to compare this text to what I have written earlier and for what is to come in the future. It gives me the opportunity to keep track of my progress.

Anyway, after having recovered from a cold, I finally went back to the dance center tonight. I attended a class called triple X, which is short for XXX Hiphop. The teacher was an excellent dancer and I must say I regret that I didn't try one of her classes earlier. I felt more inspired than I have been in a long time. Triple X is a fitness class, very similar to Zumba but there are many Hiphop influences. The teacher combined dance moves, squats and more to create a full body workout. I had renewed energy when we were finished. 

A complete change of subject leads me to what's happening tomorrow. They have been warning about severe weather conditions. We will probably get a few inches of snow over night. This will either cause delays for schools in the area or they will shut the whole place down. I can't say I'm thrilled about getting more snow. I was hoping for spring soon but I guess the girls and I could have a good time tomorrow if we were able to go sledding. 

To finish up, would you enjoy reading more entries in English or should I stick to Swedish? My thought was that I would get a chance to develop my writing more if I wrote in English every once in a while. 

Prepared for a night out with friends. Went to Vapiano for dinner last week to celebrate Elin's Birthday. 


Kom ihåg